Section 2

[Hijr 15:16] And indeed We created towers in the skies, and beautified it for the beholders.

[Hijr 15:17] And We have kept it guarded from every outcast devil.

[Hijr 15:18] Except one who comes to eavesdrop - therefore a bright flame goes after him.

[Hijr 15:19] And We spread out the earth, and placed mountains as anchors in it, and in it grew all things by a proper measure.

[Hijr 15:20] And created livelihoods for you in it, and created those for whom you do not provide the sustenance.

[Hijr 15:21] And there is not a thing the treasure * of which is not with Us; and We do not send it down except by a known measure. (* The power to create it.)

[Hijr 15:22] And We sent the winds that relieve the clouds’ burden, therefore caused water to descend from the sky, then give it to you to drink; and you are not at all its treasurers.

[Hijr 15:23] And indeed it is We Who give life and it is We Who cause death, and We are the Inheritors.

[Hijr 15:24] And indeed We know those among you who came forward and indeed We know those among you who remained behind.

[Hijr 15:25] Indeed your Lord only will raise them all on the Day of Resurrection; indeed only He is Wise, All Knowing.

Section 3

[Hijr 15:26] Indeed We created man from sounding clay made out of black smelly mud.

[Hijr 15:27] And created the jinn before him, from smokeless fire.

[Hijr 15:28] And recall when your Lord said to the angels, "I will create man from sounding clay made out of black smelly mud."

[Hijr 15:29] "Therefore when I have properly fashioned him and breathed into him a chosen noble soul from Myself, fall down before him in prostration."

[Hijr 15:30] Therefore all the angels, each and every one of them, fell prostrate.

[Hijr 15:31] Except Iblis (Satan); he refused to be among those who prostrated.