[Hijr 15:52] When the angels came to him and said, "Peace"; he said, "We feel afraid of you."

[Hijr 15:53] They said, "Do not fear - we convey to you the glad tidings of a knowledgeable boy."

[Hijr 15:54] He said, "Do you convey to me the glad tidings upon old age reaching me? So upon what do you convey glad tidings?" (* Prophet Ibrahim said this out of surprise.)

[Hijr 15:55] They said, "We have given you true tidings, therefore do not lose hope."

[Hijr 15:56] He said, "Who is it that despairs from the mercy of his Lord, except those who are astray?"

[Hijr 15:57] He said, "And what is your next task, O the sent angels?"

[Hijr 15:58] They said, "We have been sent towards a guilty nation."

[Hijr 15:59] "Except the family of Lut; we shall rescue all of them."

Section 5

[Hijr 15:60] "Except his wife - we have decided that she is of those who will stay behind."

[Hijr 15:61] And when the sent angels came to the house of Lut.

[Hijr 15:62] He said, "You are an unfamiliar people."

[Hijr 15:63] They said, "In fact we have brought to you the matter which these people doubted."

[Hijr 15:64] "And we have brought to you a true command, and indeed we are truthful."

[Hijr 15:65] "Therefore journey with your household while a portion of the night remains, and you tread behind them - and none of you may turn around and see, and proceed directly to the place you are commanded to."

[Hijr 15:66] And We informed him the decision of this command, that at morning the root of the disbelievers would be cut off.

[Hijr 15:67] And the people of the city came rejoicing. (* To the house of Prophet Lut.)

[Hijr 15:68] He said, "These are my guests - do not dishonour me."

[Hijr 15:69] "And fear Allah and do not disgrace me."

[Hijr 15:70] They said, "Had we not forbidden you from meddling in the affairs of anyone?"