[Hijr 15:91] Those who broke the Word of Allah into several parts. ( Those who broke the Torah / Bible or changed its text - or those who called the Qur’an a fabrication / poetry.)

[Hijr 15:92] Therefore, by your Lord, We shall question every one of them.

[Hijr 15:93] About all what they used to do.

[Hijr 15:94] Therefore publicly announce what you are commanded, and turn away from the polytheists.

[Hijr 15:95] Indeed We suffice you against these mockers.

[Hijr 15:96] Those who ascribe another God along with Allah; so they will soon come to know.

[Hijr 15:97] And indeed We know that you are disheartened by their speech.

[Hijr 15:98] Therefore proclaim the Purity of your Lord with praise, and be of those who prostrate.

[Hijr 15:99] And keep worshipping your Lord, till death * comes to you. (* The certainty.)