[Nahl 16:7] And they transport your loads to a town where you could not reach except utterly exhausted; indeed your Lord is Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

[Nahl 16:8] And horses, and mules, and donkeys so that you may ride them, and for adornment; and He will create what you do not know *. (* All modern means of transport - by air, sea, land and even in space - evidence this.)

[Nahl 16:9] And the middle path rightly leads to Allah - any other path is wayward; and had He willed He would have brought all of you upon guidance.

Section 2

[Nahl 16:10] It is He Who sent down water from the sky - you drink from it, and from it are trees you use as pasture.

[Nahl 16:11] With this water He produces for you crops, and olives, and dates, and grapes, and all kinds of fruit; indeed in this is a sign for people who ponder.

[Nahl 16:12] And He subjected the night and the day for you - and the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjected to His command; indeed in this are signs for people of intellect.

[Nahl 16:13] And the things He has created for you in the earth, of numerous colours; indeed in this is a sign for people who remember.

[Nahl 16:14] And it is He Who subjected the sea for you, so you eat fresh meat from it, and extract ornaments from it which you wear; and you see ships ploughing through it and in order that you may seek His munificence and that you may give thanks.