[Nahl 16:27] Then on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them and proclaim, "Where are My partners, concerning whom you disputed"; the people of knowledge will say, "All disgrace and evil is upon the disbelievers this day."

[Nahl 16:28] Those whose souls the angels remove whilst they were wronging themselves; so now they will plead "We never used to do any wrong"; "Yes you did, why not? Indeed Allah well knows what you used to do."

[Nahl 16:29] "So now enter the gates of hell, remaining in it for ever"; so what an evil destination for the arrogant!

[Nahl 16:30] And it was said to the pious, "What has your Lord sent down?" They said, "Goodness"; for those who did good in this world is goodness, and the final home is the best; and indeed what an excellent final home for the pious.

[Nahl 16:31] Everlasting Gardens of Eden which they will enter, beneath which rivers flow - in it they will get whatever they wish; this is how Allah rewards the pious.

[Nahl 16:32] Those whose souls the angels remove in a state of purity, saying, "Peace be upon you - enter Paradise, the reward of your deeds."

[Nahl 16:33] So what are they waiting for, except that the angels come upon them or that your Lordís punishment comes? Those before them did exactly this; and Allah did not oppress them at all, but it is they who used to wrong themselves.

[Nahl 16:34] So the evils of their deeds struck them, and what they used to mock at surrounded them.