[Nahl 16:65] And Allah sent down water from the sky and with it revived the earth after its death; indeed in this is a sign for people who keep ears *. (* That listen to the truth.)

Section 9

[Nahl 16:66] And indeed in cattle is a lesson for you; We provide you drink from what is in their bellies - pure milk from between the excretion and the blood, palatable for the drinkers.

[Nahl 16:67] And from the fruits of date and grapes, for you make juices and good nourishment from them; indeed in this is a sign for people of intellect.

[Nahl 16:68] And your Lord inspired the bee that, "Build homes in hills, and in trees, and in rooftops."

[Nahl 16:69] "Then eat from all kinds of fruits, and tread the ways of your Lord which are soft and easy for you"; from their bellies comes a drink of various colours, in which is health for mankind; indeed in this is a sign for people who ponder.

[Nahl 16:70] And Allah created you, and will then remove your souls; and among you is one who is sent back to the most lowly age, so knowing nothing after having had knowledge; indeed Allah knows everything, is Able to do all things.

Section 10

[Nahl 16:71] And Allah has made some among you superior above others in livelihood; so those to whom the superiority is given, will not return their livelihood to their slaves, so they may all become equal in this respect; so do they deny the favours of Allah?

[Nahl 16:72] And Allah has created for you wives of your own breed, and has given you from your wives, sons and grandsons, and has provided sustenance for you from good things; so do they believe in falsehood and deny the favours of Allah?