[Nahl 16:88] Those who disbelieved and prevented from the way of Allah - We added punishment upon the punishment - the recompense of their mischief.

[Nahl 16:89] And the day when We will raise from every group, a witness from among them, in order to testify against them and will bring you O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) as a witness upon them all; and We have sent down this Qur’an upon you which is a clear explanation of all things, and a guidance and a mercy and glad tidings to the Muslims.

Section 13

[Nahl 16:90] Indeed Allah decrees the commands of justice and kindness, and of giving to relatives, and forbids from the shameful and evil and rebellion; He advises you so that you may pay heed.

[Nahl 16:91] And fulfil the covenant of Allah when you have made the promise, and do not break your oaths after ratifying them, and you have made Allah a Guarantor over you; indeed Allah knows your deeds.

[Nahl 16:92] And do not be like the woman broke her thread into bits after she had manufactured it; you make your oaths a phoney excuse between yourselves lest one nation may not be more than the other; Allah just tries you with it; and He will surely clarify for you on the Day of Resurrection, the matters in which you differed.

[Nahl 16:93] Had Allah willed He would have made you all one nation, but He sends astray whomever He wills and guides whomever He wills; and you will certainly be questioned regarding your deeds.