[Nahl 16:94] And do not make your oaths phoney excuses between yourselves, so that a foot may not slip after being steadfast and you may taste evil because you were preventing from Allah’s way; and lest you be severely punished.

[Nahl 16:95] And do not exchange the covenant of Allah to procure an abject price; that which is with Allah is better for you, if you know.

[Nahl 16:96] What you have will perish, and that which is with Allah will remain forever; and indeed We shall pay the patiently enduring a recompense which befits the best of their deeds.

[Nahl 16:97] Whoever does good deeds - whether a male or female - and is a Muslim, We shall sustain him an excellent life, and shall certainly pay them a recompense which befits the best of their deeds.

[Nahl 16:98] And when you recite the Qur’an, seek the refuge of Allah from Satan the outcast.

[Nahl 16:99] Indeed he has no power over the believers and who rely only upon their Lord.

[Nahl 16:100] Satan’s power is only over those who make friendship with him and ascribe him as a partner (in worship).

Section 14

[Nahl 16:101] And when We replace a verse * by another - and Allah well knows what He sends down - the disbelievers say, "You are just fabricating"; in fact most of them do not know. (* The command of one verse by another.)

[Nahl 16:102] Proclaim, "The Holy Spirit * has rightly brought it down from your Lord, to make the believers steadfast, and a guidance and glad tidings for the Muslims." (* Angel Jibreel - peace and blessings be upon him.)