[b/Israel 17:28] And if you turn away from these *, expecting the mercy of your Lord, for which you hope, then speak to them an easy word. (* The companions of the Holy Prophet, who sought his assistance.)

[b/Israel 17:29] And do not keep your hand tied to your neck nor open it completely, lest you remain seated - reproached, weary.

[b/Israel 17:30] Indeed your Lord eases the livelihood and restricts it, for whomever He wills; He Well Knows, Beholds His bondmen.

Section 4

[b/Israel 17:31] And do not kill your children, fearing poverty; We shall provide sustenance to them as well as to you; indeed killing them is a great mistake.

[b/Israel 17:32] And do not approach adultery - it is indeed a shameful deed; and a very evil way.

[b/Israel 17:33] And do not wrongfully kill any living being which Allah has forbidden; and for whoever is slain wrongfully, We have given the authority to his heir, so he should not cross limits in slaying; he will surely be helped.

[b/Israel 17:34] And do not approach the wealth of the orphan except in the best possible way, till he reaches adulthood; and fulfil the promise; indeed the promise will be asked about.

[b/Israel 17:35] And correctly measure when you measure, and weigh correctly with the scales; this is better, and has a better outcome.

[b/Israel 17:36] And do not pursue the matter you do not have the knowledge of; indeed the ear, and the eye, and the heart - each of these will be questioned.

[b/Israel 17:37] And do not walk haughtily on the earth; you can never split the earth, nor be as high as the hills.

[b/Israel 17:38] Of all this related before, the evil among it is disliked by your Lord.