[b/Israel 17:67] And when calamity strikes you upon the sea, all those whom you worship are lost, except Him; then when He rescues you towards land, you turn away; and man is extremely ungrateful.

[b/Israel 17:68] Are you unafraid that He may bury an edge of the same land along with you, or send a shower of stones upon you, and you find no supporter for yourselves?

[b/Israel 17:69] Or are you unafraid that He may again take you back to the sea, then send against you a ship-breaking gust of wind, therefore drowning you because of your disbelief - then you may not find for yourself anyone to come after Us for this?

[b/Israel 17:70] Indeed We have honoured the Descendants of Adam and transported them over land and sea, and gave them good things as sustenance, and made them better than most of Our creation.


Section 8

[b/Israel 17:71] On the day when We shall summon every group along with its leader; so whoever is given his register in his right hand - these will read their accounts and their rights will not be suppressed even a thread. (* They will be given the full reward.)

[b/Israel 17:72] Whoever is blind * in this life will be blind in the Hereafter, and even more astray. (* Blind to the truth - disbelieving.)

[b/Israel 17:73] And it was close that they were about to mislead you somewhat from the divine revelation We sent to you, for you to attribute something else * to Us; and if it were **, they would have accepted you as a friend. (* Other than the divine revelation. ** Which is impossible.)

[b/Israel 17:74] And had We not kept you steadfast, possibly you might have inclined to them just a little.

[b/Israel 17:75] And if it were *, We would then have made you taste a double life and a double death - you would then not find any supporter against Us. (* Which is impossible.)