[Kahf 18:28] And restrain yourself along with those who pray to their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure; and may not your sight fall on anything besides them; would you desire the adornment of the life of this world? And do not follow him whose heart We have made neglectful of Our remembrance the one who has followed his own desires and his matter has crossed the limits.

[Kahf 18:29] And proclaim, “The Truth is from your Lord”; so whoever wills may accept faith, and whoever wills may disbelieve - We have indeed prepared for the disbelievers a fire the walls of which will surround them; if they plead for water, their plea will be answered with water like molten metal which shall scald their faces; what an evil drink it is; and what an evil destination is hell!

[Kahf 18:30] Indeed those who believed and did good deeds - We do not waste the reward of those whose deeds are good.

[Kahf 18:31] For them are everlasting Gardens of Eden, beneath which rivers flow - in it they will be given bracelets of gold to adorn, and shall wear green clothes made of fine silk and gold embroidery, reclining upon thrones in it; what an excellent reward; and what an excellent abode is Paradise!


Section 5

[Kahf 18:32] And relate to them the account of the two men - to one We gave two gardens of grapes, and covered them with date-palms and kept farms between them.

[Kahf 18:33] Both the gardens gave yields and gave no shortfall in it - and We made a river to flow between the two.

[Kahf 18:34] And he had fruit; he therefore said to his companion - and he used to debate with him - "I exceed you in wealth, and am more powerful in respect of men."