[Kahf 18:35] He went into his garden and wronging himself said, "I do not think that this will ever perish."

[Kahf 18:36] "I do not think that the Last Day will ever be established - and even if I return to my Lord I will surely find a haven better than this garden."

[Kahf 18:37] His companion debating with him answered, "What! You disbelieve in Him Who has created you from dust, then from a drop of liquid, and then created you as a complete man?"

[Kahf 18:38] "But I just say that only Allah is my Lord, and I do not ascribe anyone as a partner to my Lord."

[Kahf 18:39] “And why was it not that you would have said when you entered your garden, ‘Whatever Allah wills - we do not have any strength except with the help of Allah’ - if you had observed me lesser than you in wealth and children?”

[Kahf 18:40] "So it is likely that my Lord will give me a garden better than yours, and send bolts of lightning from the skies on your garden - it therefore turns into a barren plain."

[Kahf 18:41] "Or its water may sink into the earth, so you may never be able to find it."

[Kahf 18:42] And his fruits were surrounded - he therefore remained helplessly wringing his hands upon all that he had spent on it - and it lay fallen on its canopy - and he says, "If only I had not ascribed any partner to my Lord!"

[Kahf 18:43] And he had no group to help him against Allah, nor was he capable of taking revenge.

[Kahf 18:44] Here brought to light is that the authority is only for Allah, the True; the reward He bestows is the best, and believing in Him has the best outcome.

Section 6

[Kahf 18:45] And relate to them the example of the life of this world - like water which We sent down from the sky, therefore vegetation of the earth grew forth in abundance with it to become dry hay which the winds scatter; and Allah is the Controller of all things.