[[Kahf 18:62] So when they had gone beyond that place, Moosa said to his assistant, “Bring our breakfast - we have indeed faced great exertion in this journey of ours.”

[Kahf 18:63] He said, “Just imagine - when we had taken shelter near the rock, so indeed I forgot the fish; and none but Satan caused me to forget to mention it; and the fish took its way into the sea - its amazing!”

[Kahf 18:64] Said Moosa, "This is exactly what we wanted"; so they came back retracing their steps.

[Kahf 18:65] So they found a bondman * from amongst Our (chosen) bondmen, to whom We had given mercy from Us, and had bestowed the inspired knowledge from Ourselves. (* Hazrat Khidr - peace be upon him.)

[Kahf 18:66] Moosa said to him, "May I stay with you upon the condition that you will teach me the righteousness that you have been taught?"

[Kahf 18:67] He said, "You will never be able to patiently stay with me."

[Kahf 18:68] "And how will you bear something which your knowledge does not encompass?"

[Kahf 18:69] Said Moosa, "Allah willing, you will soon find me patient and I will not do anything against your instructions."

[Kahf 18:70] He said, "Therefore if you stay with me, do not ask me about anything until I myself mention it to you."

Section 10

[Kahf 18:71] So they both set out; until when they had boarded the boat, the chosen bondman ruptured the boat; said Moosa, "Did you make a hole in the boat in order to drown its passengers? You have indeed done an evil thing."

[Kahf 18:72] He said, "Did I not say that you will never be able to patiently stay with me?"

[Kahf 18:73] Said Moosa, "Do not apprehend me upon my forgetting, and do not impose difficulty on me in my task."

[Kahf 18:74] So they set out again; until when they met a boy, the chosen bondman slew him - Moosa said, "Did you slay an innocent soul not in retribution for another? You have indeed done an extremely evil thing."