[Kahf 18:75] He said, "Did I not tell you that you will never be able to patiently stay with me?"

[Kahf 18:76] Said Moosa, "If I ask you anything after this, do not stay with me; indeed your condition from me is fulfilled."

[Kahf 18:77] So they both set out again; until they came to the people of a dwelling they asked its people for food - they refused to invite them then in the village they both found a wall about to collapse, and the chosen bondman straightened it; said Moosa, "If you wished, you could have taken some wages for it!"

[Kahf 18:78] He said, "This is the parting between you and me; I shall now tell you the interpretation of the matters you could not patiently bear."

[Kahf 18:79] "In respect of the boat - it belonged to the poor people who worked on the river, so I wished to flaw it - and behind them was a king who would capture every sound ship."

[Kahf 18:80] "And in respect of the boy - his parents were Muslims and we feared that he may incite them to rebellion and disbelief."

[Kahf 18:81] "So we wished that their Lord may bestow them a child - better, purer and nearer to mercy."

Section 11

[Kahf 18:82] "And in respect of the wall - it belonged to two orphan boys of the city, and beneath it was their treasure, and their father was a virtuous man; therefore your Lord willed that they should reach their maturity and remove their treasure; by the mercy of your Lord; and I have not done this at my own command; this is the interpretation of the matters you could not patiently bear." (* Hazrat Khidr was given the knowledge of the hidden - as in all three explanations he gave).

[Kahf 18:83] And they ask you regarding Zul-Qarnain; say, "I shall recite his story to you."