[Maryam 19:26] "Therefore eat and drink and appease your eyes; so if you meet any person then say, ‘I have pledged a fast (of silence) to the Most Gracious - I will therefore not speak to any person today.’ "

[Maryam 19:27] So carrying him in her arms, she brought him to her people; they said, "O Maryam, you have indeed committed a great evil!"

[Maryam 19:28] "O sister of Haroon, neither was your father an evil man nor was your mother of poor conduct!"

[Maryam 19:29] Thereupon she pointed towards the child; they said, "How can we speak to an infant who is in the cradle?"

[Maryam 19:30] The child proclaimed, "I am Allah’s bondman; He has given me the Book and made me a Herald of the Hidden (a Prophet)."

[Maryam 19:31] "And He has made me blessed wherever I be; and ordained upon me prayer and charity, as long as I live."

[Maryam 19:32] "And has made me good to my mother and not made me forceful, ill-fated."

[Maryam 19:33] "And peace is upon me the day I was born, and on the day I shall taste death, and on the day I will be raised alive."

[Maryam 19:34] This is Eisa (Jesus), the son of Maryam; a true statement, in which they doubt.

[Maryam 19:35] It does not befit Allah to appoint someone as His son - Purity is to Him! When He ordains a matter, He just commands it, "Be" - and it thereupon happens.

[Maryam 19:36] And said Eisa, "Indeed Allah is my Lord and your Lord - therefore worship Him; this is the Straight Path."

[Maryam 19:37] Then groups among them differed; so ruin is for the disbelievers from the witnessing of a Great Day.

[Maryam 19:38] Much will they listen and much will they see, on the Day when they come to Us, but today the unjust are in open error.