[Ta-Ha 20:38] "When We inspired in your mother’s heart whatever was to be inspired."

[Ta-Ha 20:39] "That, ‘Put him into a chest and cast it into the river, so the river shall deposit it on to a shore - therefore one who is an enemy to Me and you, shall pick him up’; and I bestowed upon you love from Myself; and for you to be brought up in My sight."

[Ta-Ha 20:40] "When your sister went, then said, ‘Shall I show you the people who may nurse him?’ And We brought you back to your mother in order to soothe her eyes and that she may not grieve; and you killed a man, so We freed you from sorrow, and tested you to the maximum; you therefore stayed for several years among the people of Madyan; then you came (here) at an appointed time, O Moosa."

[Ta-Ha 20:41] "And I created you especially for Myself."

[Ta-Ha 20:42] "You and your brother, both go with My signs, and do not slacken in My remembrance."

[Ta-Ha 20:43] "Both of you go to Firaun; he has indeed rebelled."

[Ta-Ha 20:44] "And speak to him courteously, that perhaps he may ponder or have some fear."

[Ta-Ha 20:45] They both submitted, "Our Lord - indeed we fear that he may oppress us or deal mischievously."

[Ta-Ha 20:46] He said, "Do not fear - I am with you, All Hearing and All Seeing."

[Ta-Ha 20:47] "Therefore go to him and say, ‘We are the sent ones of your Lord, therefore let the Descendants of Israel go with us, and do not trouble them; we have indeed brought to you a sign from your Lord; and peace be upon him who follows the guidance.’

[Ta-Ha 20:48] ‘It has indeed been revealed to us that the punishment is upon the one who denies and turns away.’ "

[Ta-Ha 20:49] Said Firaun, "So who is the Lord of you both, O Moosa?"

[Ta-Ha 20:50] He said, "Our Lord is One Who gave everything its proper shape, then showed the path."

[Ta-Ha 20:51] Said Firaun, "What is the state of the former generations?"