Section 4

[Ta-Ha 20:77] And We divinely inspired Moosa that, "Journey with My bondmen in a part of the night and strike a dry path in the sea for them, you shall have no fear of Firaun getting to you, nor any danger."

[Ta-Ha 20:78] So Firaun went after them with his army - therefore the sea enveloped them, the way it did.

[Ta-Ha 20:79] And Firaun led his people astray, and did not guide them.

[Ta-Ha 20:80] O Descendants of Israel, indeed We rescued you from your enemy, and We made a covenant with you on the right side of Mount Tur, and sent down Manna and Salwa upon you.

[Ta-Ha 20:81] "Eat the good clean things We have provided you, and do not exceed the limits in respect of it causing My wrath to descend upon you; and indeed the one on whom My wrath descended, has fallen."

[Ta-Ha 20:82] And indeed I am Most Oft Forgiving for him who repented and accepted faith and did good deeds, and then remained upon guidance.

[Ta-Ha 20:83] “And why did you come in haste ahead of your people, O Moosa?”

[Ta-Ha 20:84] He submitted, "They are here, just behind me - and O my Lord, I hastened towards You, in order to please You."

[Ta-Ha 20:85] He said, "We have therefore tried your people after you came, and Samri has led them astray."

[Ta-Ha 20:86] So Moosa turned back to his people, angry and grieving; he said, "O my people, had not your Lord given you a good promise? Did a long time pass away for you, or did you wish that your Lord’s wrath come upon you, therefore you broke your promise with me?"

[Ta-Ha 20:87] They said, "We did not renege on our promise to you on our own will, but we were made to carry the burdens of ornaments of the people, so we cast them - and similarly did Samri cast."