[Ambiya 21:73] And We made them leaders who guide by Our command, and We sent them the divine revelation to do good deeds and to keep the prayer established and to give charity; and they used to worship Us.

[Ambiya 21:74] And We gave Lut the kingdom and knowledge, and We rescued him from the township that committed vile deeds; indeed those evil people were disobedient.

[Ambiya 21:75] And We admitted him into Our mercy; indeed he is among those who deserve Our proximity.


Section 6

[Ambiya 21:76] And before this when Nooh called Us - We therefore heard his prayer and rescued him and his household from the great calamity.

[Ambiya 21:77] And We helped him against the people who denied Our signs; indeed they were evil people, We therefore drowned them all.

[Ambiya 21:78] And remember Dawud and Sulaiman, when they were deciding the dispute of a field, when some people’s sheep had strayed into it at night; and We were Present at the time of their deciding.

[Ambiya 21:79] And We explained the case to Sulaiman; and to both We gave the kingdom and knowledge; and subjected the hills to proclaim the Purity along with Dawud, and (also subjected) the birds; and these were Our works.

[Ambiya 21:80] And We taught him to make a garment for you, to protect you from your hurt; so will you be thankful?

[Ambiya 21:81] And We subjected the fast wind for Sulaiman, which moved by his command towards the land in which We have placed blessings; and We know everything.