[Ambiya 21:91] And remember the woman who maintained her chastity, We therefore breathed Our Spirit into her and made her and her son a sign for the entire world.

[Ambiya 21:92] Indeed this religion of yours, is one religion; and I am your Lord, therefore worship Me.

[Ambiya 21:93] And others have shattered their works into pieces among themselves; all have to return to Us.

Section 7

[Ambiya 21:94] So whoever does some good deeds, and is a believer, then his efforts will not be ignored; and We are recording it.

[Ambiya 21:95] And it is forbidden for any township which We have destroyed, that they may return. (Once the disbelievers face death, their return to earth is impossible.)

[Ambiya 21:96] Till the time when Yajuj and Majuj are released, and they will be flowing down from every height.

[Ambiya 21:97] And the True Promise has come near - thereupon the eyes of the disbelievers will become fixed, staring wide; saying "Woe to us - we were in neglect of this, but in fact we were unjust."

[Ambiya 21:98] "Indeed you * and all that you worship ** besides Allah, are the fuel of hell; in it you must go." (* All disbelievers  ** Idols and disbelievers who claimed to be Gods. The Prophets like Eisa and Uzair who were worshipped are exempt from this, and so are Maryam, and trees and animals etc.)

[Ambiya 21:99] "Had these been Gods they would not go into hell; and they have to remain in it."

[Ambiya 21:100] They will bray in it and not be able to hear anything in it.

[Ambiya 21:101] Indeed those to whom Our promise of goodness has been made, have been kept far away from hell.