[Ambiya 21:102] And they will not hear its faintest sound; and they will forever abide in whatever their hearts desire.

[Ambiya 21:103] The greatest fear will not aggrieve them, and the angels will welcome them; saying "This is your day, which you were promised."

[Ambiya 21:104] The day when We shall roll up the heavens as the recording angel rolls up the register of deeds; We shall make him similar to Our making him the first time; this is a promise upon Us; We certainly have to do it.

[Ambiya 21:105] And indeed We wrote, after the reminder in the Zaboor that, "My virtuous bondmen will inherit the earth."

[Ambiya 21:106] This Qur’an is sufficient for people who are devout.

[Ambiya 21:107] And We did not send you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) except as a mercy for the entire world. (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – is the Prophet towards all mankind.)

[Ambiya 21:108] Proclaim, "It is divinely revealed to me that your God is the only One God - Allah; do you therefore become Muslims?"

[Ambiya 21:109] Then if they turn away, proclaim, "I have proclaimed a war against you on equal terms; and what do I know whether the promise which is given to you, is close or far?"

[Ambiya 21:110] "Indeed Allah knows whatever is said, and knows all what you conceal."

[Ambiya 21:111] "And what do I know - it may be a trial for you, and an enjoyment for a time."

[Ambiya 21:112] And the Prophet submitted, "My Lord - render the true judgement"; "And only the help of Our Lord, the Most Gracious, is sought against all what you fabricate."