[Hajj 22:24] And they were guided to sacred speech; and they were shown the path of the Most Praiseworthy.

[Hajj 22:25] Indeed those who have disbelieved and prevent from the way of Allah and from this Sacred Mosque, which We have appointed for all mankind – its resident and the foreigner have the same rights in it; and whoever wrongfully intends injustice in it - We shall make him taste a painful punishment.


Section 4


[Hajj 22:26] And remember when We showed Ibrahim the right place of the Sacred House (mosque) and commanded that, "Do not ascribe anything as a partner to Me, and keep My House clean for those who encircle it and those who stay in it (for worship) and those who bow and prostrate."

[Hajj 22:27] "And publicly announce the pilgrimage to all people – they will come to you, on foot and on every lean she-camel, coming from every far distant journey." (The announcement by Prophet Ibrahim reached each and every soul.)

[Hajj 22:28] In order that they may gain their benefit, and mention the name of Allah on the appointed days as He has bestowed the sustenance to them – the inarticulate animals; therefore eat from them yourself and feed the distressed destitute.

[Hajj 22:29] They must then remove their dirt and fulfil their pledges and go around the Free House.

[Hajj 22:30] So it is; and whoever reveres the sacred things of Allah – that is then a goodness for him in the sight of his Lord; the inarticulate animals are lawful to you except those the forbidding of which is recited to you, therefore shun the filth of idols, and avoid false speech.