[Hajj 22:31] Devoting yourself to Allah, not ascribing any partner to Him; and whoever ascribes partners to Allah is as if he has fallen from the sky and the birds snatch him or the wind blows him away to a far-off place.

[Hajj 22:32] So it is; and whoever reveres the symbols of Allah – this is then part of the piety of the hearts.

[Hajj 22:33] In the cattle are benefits for you up to a fixed time and then they are to be brought to the Free House.


Section 5

[Hajj 22:34] And for every nation We have appointed a sacrifice, that they may mention the name of Allah over the inarticulate animal which He has provided them; so (remember) your God is One God, therefore submit only to Him; and give glad tidings (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) to the humble.

[Hajj 22:35] Those whose hearts fear when Allah is mentioned, and those who patiently endure whatever befalls them, and those who keep the prayer established, and who spend part of what We have provided to them.

[Hajj 22:36] And the large sacrificial animals – the camels and the cows - We have made them among the symbols of Allah, there is goodness for you in them; therefore mention the name of Allah over them with their one leg tied and standing on three feet; then when their flanks have fallen, eat from it yourself and feed the one who patiently awaits, and the beggar; this is how We have given them in your control, so that you be grateful.

[Hajj 22:37] Never does their flesh nor their blood reach Allah, but your piety successfully reaches Him; this is how We have given them in your control so that you may speak His Greatness for guiding you; and O dear Prophet (Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) give glad tidings to the virtuous.

[Hajj 22:38] Indeed Allah repels the afflictions of the Muslims; indeed Allah does not like any extremely disloyal ingrate.