[Hajj 22:56] For Allah only is the kingship on that day; He will judge between them; so those who believed and did good deeds are in Gardens of content.

[Hajj 22:57] And those who disbelieved and denied Our signs - for them will be a disgraceful punishment.


Section 8


[Hajj 22:58] And those who left their homes and belongings in Allah's cause and were then killed or died - Allah will therefore indeed provide for them an excellent sustenance; and indeed the sustenance bestowed by Allah is the best.

[Hajj 22:59] He will certainly admit them to a place they will love; and indeed Allah is All Knowing, Most Forbearing.

[Hajj 22:60] So it is; and whoever retaliates similarly to the affliction he was made to suffer, and then he is wronged again – so Allah will definitely assist him; indeed Allah is Oft Pardoning, Oft Forgiving.

[Hajj 22:61] This is because Allah inserts the night into a part of the day and inserts the day into a part of the night, and because Allah is All Hearing, All Seeing.

[Hajj 22:62] This is because Allah only is the Truth, and what they worship other than Him, is itself falsehood, and because Allah only is the Supreme, the Great.

[Hajj 22:63] Did you not see that Allah sent down water from the sky, so the earth became green at morn? Indeed Allah is Pure, Aware.

[Hajj 22:64] To Him only belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth; and indeed Allah only is the Perfect (Not Needing Anything), the Most Praiseworthy.