[Mominun 23:18] And We sent down water from the sky in proper measure, then stored it in the earth; and indeed We are Able to take it away!

[Mominun 23:19] So with it We produced gardens of date-palms and grapes for you, in which is abundant fruit for you and you eat therefrom.

[Mominun 23:20] And created the tree that comes forth from Mount Sinai - that grows containing oil and curry for the eaters.

[Mominun 23:21] And indeed in the cattle is a lesson for you; We give you to drink what is in their bellies, and there are many benefits for you in them, and in them is your food.

[Mominun 23:22] And you are carried on them and on the ship.

Section 2

[Mominun 23:23] And indeed We sent Nooh towards his people - he therefore said, "O my people! Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"

[Mominun 23:24] So the disbelieving chieftains of his people said, "He is just a human like you, he wishes to become your leader; and had Allah willed, He would have sent down angels; We did not hear this in the case of our forefathers."

[Mominun 23:25] "He is not but a man insane, therefore wait for some time."

[Mominun 23:26] Submitted Nooh, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."

[Mominun 23:27] So We sent him the divine revelation that, "Make the ship in front of Our sight, and by Our command then when Our command comes and the oven overflows, embark in it two of every couple, and from your household except those upon whom the Word has been decreed; and do not speak to Me in respect of these unjust people; they will surely be drowned."