[Mominun 23:28] "And when you and those with you have safely boarded the ship say, ‘All praise is to Allah Who has rescued us from the unjust.’ "

[Mominun 23:29] And pray, "My Lord! Cause me to alight at a blessed place – and You are the Best of all who bring to settle."

[Mominun 23:30] Indeed, surely in this are signs and indeed surely, We were examining.

[Mominun 23:31] Then after them, We created another generation.

[Mominun 23:32] So We sent among them a Noble Messenger from among them (saying), "Worship Allah, you do not have any other God except Him; so do you not fear?"

Section 3

[Mominun 23:33] And said the leaders of his people, who disbelieved and denied the confronting of the Hereafter - and We had given them comfort in the worldly life – that, "He is nothing but a human like you, he eats from what you eat and drinks from what you drink."

[Mominun 23:34] "If you were to obey a human like yourselves, then surely you are losers!"

[Mominun 23:35] "Does he promise you that when you die and turn into dust and bones, you will be raised again?"

[Mominun 23:36] "How remote, (really) how remote is the promise you are given!"

[Mominun 23:37] "There is nothing except our life of this world, we die and we live, and we are not to be raised."

[Mominun 23:38] "He is just a man who has fabricated a lie against Allah, and we are not going to believe him."

[Mominun 23:39] He said, "My Lord! Help me as they deny me."

[Mominun 23:40] Said Allah, "They will soon wake up at morn, regretting."

[Mominun 23:41] So the true Scream seized them - We therefore made them like rotten hay; so away with the unjust people!

[Mominun 23:42] Then after them, We created other generations.