Section 2

[Noor 24:11] Indeed those who have brought this great accusation are a group from among you; do not consider it bad for you; on the contrary, it is good for you; for each man among them is the sin that he has earned; and for the one among them who played the greatest part in it – for him is a terrible punishment.

[Noor 24:12] Why was it not that the believing men and women, when you heard it, thought good of their own people, and had said, "This is a clear accusation"?

[Noor 24:13] Why did they not bring four witnesses upon it? Since they did not bring witnesses, they themselves are liars before Allah.

[Noor 24:14] And were it not for Allah’s munificence and His mercy upon you in the world and in the Hereafter, a terrible punishment would have reached you for the discussions you fell into.

[Noor 24:15] When you rumoured with your tongues after hearing such matters, and uttered with your mouths about which you had no knowledge, and you considered it light; and that, in the sight of Allah, is very great.

[Noor 24:16] And why was it not that, when you heard it, you would have said, "It does not befit us to speak regarding this; Purity is to You, O Allah – this is a great accusation."

[Noor 24:17] Allah advises you never to speak like this again, if you have faith.

[Noor 24:18] And Allah clearly explains the verses for you; and Allah is All Knowing, Wise.

[Noor 24:19] Indeed those who wish that slander should spread among the Muslims – for them is a painful punishment in this world and in the Hereafter; and Allah knows, and you do not know.

[Noor 24:20] And were it not for Allah’s munificence and His mercy upon you, and that Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful - you would have tasted its outcome.