[Noor 24:37] (Are) Those men, whom neither any bargain nor any trade distracts from the Remembrance of Allah and from establishing the prayer and from paying the charity they fear the day when the hearts and the eyes will be overturned.

[Noor 24:38] In order that Allah may reward them for their best deeds and by His munificence, bestow upon them an increased reward; and Allah gives sustenance to whomever He wills, without account.

[Noor 24:39] And those who disbelieved - their deeds are like a mirage in the wasteland, so the thirsty may believe it to be water; to the extent that when he came close to it, he found it is nothing and found Allah close to him, so He filled his account; and Allah is Swift At Taking Account.

[Noor 24:40] Or like realms of darkness on a deep sea, which is covered by a wave, the wave covered by another wave, and above it is a cloud; layers of darkness upon darkness; if he removes his hand it does not seem visible; and the one to whom Allah does not provide light there is no light for him anywhere.

Section 6

[Noor 24:41] Have you not seen that all those who are in the heavens and the earth praise Allah, and the birds with their wings spread (also praise Him)? Each one has learnt its prayers and its words of praise; and Allah knows their deeds.

[Noor 24:42] And for Allah only is the kingship of the heavens and the earth; and towards Allah is the return.

[Noor 24:43] Have you not seen that Allah slowly transports the clouds, then gathers them together, then heaps them together, so you see the rain coming forth from between them? And from the sky He sends down hail from the mountains of ice, then sends them upon whomever He wills, and averts them from whomever He wills; it is close that the flash of its lightning take away the eyesight.