[Furqan 25:44] Or do you think that most of them hear or understand something? They are not but like the cattle – in fact more astray from the path than them!

Section 5

[Furqan 25:45] O dear Prophet, did you not see your Lord, how He spread the shade? And if He willed, He could have made it still; then We made the sun a proof upon it.

[Furqan 25:46] We then gradually withdraw it towards Us.

[Furqan 25:47] And it is He Who made the night a veil for you, and the sleep a rest, and made the day for getting up.

[Furqan 25:48] And it is He Who sent the winds giving glad tidings before His mercy; and We sent down purifying water from the sky.

[Furqan 25:49] In order that We may revive a dead city with it, and give it to the many beasts and men that We have created, to drink.

[Furqan 25:50] And indeed We kept cycles of water among them that they may remember; so most men did not accept, except to be ungrateful.

[Furqan 25:51] If We willed, We could have sent a Herald of Warning to every village.

[Furqan 25:52] So do not listen to the disbelievers and, with this Qur’an, fight a great war against them.

[Furqan 25:53] And it is He Who caused the two joint seas to flow- one is palatable, very sweet, and the other is salty, very bitter; and kept a veil between them and a preventing barrier.

[Furqan 25:54] And it is He Who created man from water, then appointed relatives and in-laws for him; and your Lord is All Able.

[Furqan 25:55] And they worship such, other than Allah, which neither benefit nor hurt them; and the disbeliever helps the devil instead of his Lord.