[Shua`ra 26:40] The people said, “Perhaps we may follow the magicians if they are victorious.”

[Shua`ra 26:41] So when the magicians came, they said to Firaun, “Will we get some reward if we are victorious?”

[Shua`ra 26:42] He said, “Yes, and you will then become close to me.”

[Shua`ra 26:43] Moosa said to them, “Cast whatever you intend to cast.”

[Shua`ra 26:44] So they threw down their ropes and their staves and exclaimed, “By the honour of Firaun, indeed victory is ours!”

[Shua`ra 26:45] Therefore Moosa put forth his staff – so it immediately began swallowing all their fabrications.

[Shua`ra 26:46] The magicians therefore fell down prostrate.

[Shua`ra 26:47] They said, “We have accepted faith in the Lord Of The Creation.”

[Shua`ra 26:48] “The Lord of Moosa and Haroon.”

[Shua`ra 26:49] Said Firaun, “You accepted faith in him before I permitted you! He is indeed your leader who taught you magic; so now you will come to know; I swear, I will certainly cut off your hands and your feet from alternate sides, and crucify all of you.”

[Shua`ra 26:50] They said, “No harm (in it), we will return to our Lord.”

[Shua`ra 26:51] “We hope that our Lord will forgive us our mistakes, as we are the first to believe.”

Section 4

[Shua`ra 26:52] And We sent the divine revelation to Moosa that, “Journey along with My bondmen within the night, for you will be pursued.”

[Shua`ra 26:53] So Firaun sent gatherers into the cities.

[Shua`ra 26:54] They announced “These people are a small group.”

[Shua`ra 26:55] “And indeed they have angered all of us.”

[Shua`ra 26:56] “And indeed we are an alert army.”

[Shua`ra 26:57] We therefore got them out from the gardens and water springs.

[Shua`ra 26:58] And from treasures and nice houses.

[Shua`ra 26:59] So it was; and We made the Descendants of Israel its inheritors.

[Shua`ra 26:60] So the Firaun’s people followed them at sunrise.