[Shua`ra 26:84] “And give me proper fame among the succeeding generations.”

[Shua`ra 26:85] “And make me among the inheritors of the Gardens of serenity.”

[Shua`ra 26:86] “And forgive my father * – he is indeed astray.” (His paternal uncle)

[Shua`ra 26:87] “And do not disgrace me on the day when everyone will be raised.”

[Shua`ra 26:88] “The day when neither wealth will benefit nor will sons.”

[Shua`ra 26:89] “Except he who presented himself before Allah, with a sound* heart.” (Intact or unblemished.)

[Shua`ra 26:90] And Paradise will be brought close for the pious.

[Shua`ra 26:91] And hell will be revealed for the astray.

[Shua`ra 26:92] And it will be said to them, “Where are those whom you used to worship?”

[Shua`ra 26:93] “Instead of Allah? Will they help you or retaliate?”

[Shua`ra 26:94] So they and all the astray were flung into hell.

[Shua`ra 26:95] And all the armies of Iblis. (Satan)

[Shua`ra 26:96] And they will say, and they will be quarrelling in it:

[Shua`ra 26:97] “By oath of Allah , we were indeed in open error.”

[Shua`ra 26:98] “When we considered you equal to the Lord Of The Creation.”

[Shua`ra 26:99] “And none misled us but the guilty.”

[Shua`ra 26:100] “So now we do not have any intercessors.” (The believers shall have intercessors, the disbelievers none).

[Shua`ra 26:101] “Nor a caring friend.”

[Shua`ra 26:102] “So if only were we to go back, in order to become Muslims!”

[Shua`ra 26:103] Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers.

[Shua`ra 26:104] And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.

Section 6

[Shua`ra 26:105] The people of Nooh denied the Noble Messengers.

[Shua`ra 26:106] When their fellowman Nooh said to them, “Do you not fear?”

[Shua`ra 26:107] “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.”

[Shua`ra 26:108] “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.”

[Shua`ra 26:109] “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.”

[Shua`ra 26:110] “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.”

[Shua`ra 26:111] They said, “Shall we believe in you, whereas the abject people are with you?”