[Shua`ra 26:112] He said, “What do I know what their deeds are?”

[Shua`ra 26:113] “Indeed their account is only upon my Lord, if you perceive.”

[Shua`ra 26:114] “And I will not repel the Muslims.”

[Shua`ra 26:115] “I am not but clearly a Herald of Warning.”

[Shua`ra 26:116] They said, “O Nooh, if you do not desist you will surely be stoned.”

[Shua`ra 26:117] He said, “My Lord, my people have denied me.”

[Shua`ra 26:118] “Therefore make a decisive judgement between me and them, and rescue me and the believers along with me.”

[Shua`ra 26:119] So We saved him and those with him in a laden ship.

[Shua`ra 26:120] Then after it, We drowned the rest.

[Shua`ra 26:121] Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not believers.

[Shua`ra 26:122] And indeed your Lord, only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.

Section 7

[Shua`ra 26:123] (The tribe of) A’ad denied the Noble Messengers.

[Shua`ra 26:124] When their fellowman Hud said to them, “Do you not fear?”

[Shua`ra 26:125] “I am indeed a trustworthy Noble Messenger of Allah to you.”

[Shua`ra 26:126] “Therefore fear Allah and obey me.”

[Shua`ra 26:127] “And I do not ask from you any fee for it; my reward is only upon the Lord Of The Creation.”

[Shua`ra 26:128] “What! You build a structure on every height, to laugh at the passers-by?”

[Shua`ra 26:129] “And prefer strong palaces, that perhaps you may live for ever?”

[Shua`ra 26:130] “And when you apprehend someone, you seize him mercilessly?”

[Shua`ra 26:131] “Therefore fear Allah, and obey me.”

[Shua`ra 26:132] “Fear Him Who has aided you with the things you know.”

[Shua`ra 26:133] “He aided you with cattle and sons.”

[Shua`ra 26:134] “And with gardens and water-springs.”

[Shua`ra 26:135] “Indeed I fear upon you the punishment of a Great Day.”

[Shua`ra 26:136] They said, “It is the same for us, whether you advise us or not be of the preachers.”