[Shua`ra 26:184] “And fear Him Who created you and the earlier creations.”

[Shua`ra 26:185] They said, “You are under a magic spell.”

[Shua`ra 26:186] “You are just a human like us, and indeed we consider you a liar.”

[Shua`ra 26:187] “Therefore cause a part of the sky to fall upon us, if you are of the truthful.”

[Shua`ra 26:188] He said, “My Lord is Well Aware of what you do.”

[Shua`ra 26:189] In response they denied him – therefore the punishment of the day of the tent * seized them; that was indeed a punishment of a Great Day. (The clouds formed a tent and rained fire upon them).

[Shua`ra 26:190] Indeed in this is a sign; and most of them were not Muslims.

[Shua`ra 26:191] And indeed your Lord - only He is the Almighty, the Most Merciful.

Section 11

[Shua`ra 26:192] And indeed this Qur’an has been sent down by the Lord Of The Creation.

[Shua`ra 26:193] The Trustworthy Spirit brought it down. (Angel Jibreel – peace be upon him.)

[Shua`ra 26:194] Upon your heart, for you to convey warning.

[Shua`ra 26:195] In plain Arabic language.

[Shua`ra 26:196] And indeed it is mentioned in the earlier Books.

[Shua`ra 26:197] And was this not a sign for them, that the scholars of the Descendants of Israel may recognise this Prophet?

[Shua`ra 26:198] And had We sent it down upon a person other than an Arab,

[Shua`ra 26:199] In order that he read it to them, even then they would not have believed in it.

[Shua`ra 26:200] This is how We have made (the habit of) denying embedded in the hearts of the guilty.

[Shua`ra 26:201] They will not believe in it to the extent that they see the painful punishment.

[Shua`ra 26:202] So it will come upon them suddenly, whilst they will be unaware.

[Shua`ra 26:203] They will therefore say, “Will we get some respite?”

[Shua`ra 26:204] So do they wish to hasten Our punishment?

[Shua`ra 26:205] Therefore observe, that if We give them some comforts for some years, -

[Shua`ra 26:206] And then the promise that is given to them, does come upon them-