[Naml 27:14] And they denied them - whereas in their hearts they were certain of them - due to injustice and pride; therefore see what sort of fate befell the mischievous!

Section 2

[Naml 27:15] And We indeed bestowed great knowledge to Dawud and Sulaiman; and they both said, All praise is to Allah, Who bestowed us superiority over many of His believing bondmen.

[Naml 27:16] And Sulaiman became Dawuds heir; and he said, O people, we have indeed been taught the language of birds, and have been given from all things; this surely is a manifest favour.

[Naml 27:17] And assembled together for Sulaiman were his armies of jinns and men, and of birds so they had to be restricted.

[Naml 27:18] Until when they came to the valley of the ants, a she ant exclaimed, O ants, enter your houses may not Sulaiman and his armies crush you, unknowingly.

[Naml 27:19] He therefore smiled beamingly at her speech*, and submitted, My Lord, bestow me guidance so that I thank you for the favour which You bestowed upon me and my parents, and so that I may perform the good deeds which please You, and by Your mercy include me among Your bondmen who are worthy of Your proximity. (Prophet Sulaiman heard the voice of the she ant from far away.)

[Naml 27:20] And he surveyed the birds he therefore said, What is to me that I do not see the Hudhud (hoopoe), or is he really absent?

[Naml 27:21] I will indeed punish him severely or slay him, or he must bring to me some clear evidence.

[Naml 27:22] So Hudhud did not stay absent for long, and presenting himself submitted, I have witnessed a matter that your majesty has not seen, and I have brought definite information to you from the city of Saba.