Section 4

[Naml 27:45] And indeed We sent to the Thamud, their fellowman Saleh that, “Worship Allah”, thereupon they became two parties quarrelling.

[Naml 27:46] He said, “O my people, why do you hasten upon the evil before the good? Why do you not seek forgiveness from Allah? Perhaps there may be mercy upon you.”

[Naml 27:47] They said, “We consider you an evil omen, and your companions”; he said, “Your evil omen is with Allah - in fact you people have fallen into trial.”

[Naml 27:48] And there were nine persons in the city who used to cause turmoil in the land and did not wish reform.

[Naml 27:49] Swearing by Allah they said to one another, “We will indeed attack him and his family at night, and then say to his heir, ‘We were not present at the time of slaying of this household, and indeed we are truthful.’ ”

[Naml 27:50] So they devised a scheme, and We made our secret plan, and they remained neglectful.

[Naml 27:51] Therefore see what was the result of their scheming - We destroyed them and their entire nation.

[Naml 27:52] So these are their houses fallen flat, the recompense of their injustice; indeed in this is a sign for people who know.

[Naml 27:53] And We rescued those who accepted faith and used to fear.

[Naml 27:54] And (remember) Lut when he said to his people, “What! You stoop to the shameful whereas you can see?”

[Naml 27:55] “What! You lustfully go towards men, leaving the women?! In fact, you are an ignorant people.”