[Naml 27:56] Therefore the answer of his people was nothing except that they said, “Expel the family of Lut from your township; these people wish purity!”

[Naml 27:57] We therefore rescued him and his family, except his wife; We had decreed that she is of those who will remain behind.

[Naml 27:58] And We showered a rain upon them; so what a wretched rain for those who were warned!

Section 5

[Naml 27:59] Say (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “All praise is to Allah, and peace upon His chosen bondmen; is Allah better or what you ascribe as His partners?”


[Naml 27:60] Or He Who created the heavens and the earth, and sent down water from the sky for you; so We grew delightful gardens with it; you had no strength to grow its trees; is there a God along with Allah?! In fact they are those who shun the right path.

[Naml 27:61] Or He Who made the earth for habitation, and placed rivers within it, and created mountains as anchors for it, and kept a barrier between the two seas? Is there a God along with Allah?! In fact, most of them are ignorant.

[Naml 27:62] Or He Who answers the prayer of the helpless when he invokes Him and removes the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth? Is there a God along with Allah?! Very little do they ponder!

[Naml 27:63] Or He Who shows you the path in the darkness of the land and the sea, and He Who sends the winds before His mercy, heralding glad tidings? Is there a God along with Allah?! Supremacy is to Allah above all that they ascribe as partners!