[Qasas 28:6] And to give them control in the land, and to show Firaun and Haman and their armies what they fear from them.

[Qasas 28:7] And We inspired the mother of Moosa that, “Suckle him; then when you fear for him, cast him into the river and do not fear nor grieve; We shall indeed return him back to you and make him one of the Noble Messengers.”

[Qasas 28:8] So the family of Firaun picked him up, in order that he become their enemy and a sorrow upon them; indeed Firaun and Haman and their armies were guilty.

[Qasas 28:9] And Firaun’s wife said, “This child is the comfort of my eyes and yours *; do not kill him; perhaps he may benefit us, or we may adopt him as our son” - and they were unaware. (Had Firaun also said the same, Allah would have granted him faith.)

[Qasas 28:10] And in the morning, the heart of Moosa’s mother became impatient; and she would have almost certainly given away his secret had We not strengthened her heart, so that she may have faith in Our promise.

[Qasas 28:11] And she said to his sister, “Go after him” - she therefore observed him from far, and they were not aware.

[Qasas 28:12] And We had already forbidden suckle-nurses for him, so she said, “Shall I show you a household that will nurse this child of yours, and they are his well-wishers?”

[Qasas 28:13] So We returned him to his mother in order to soothe her eyes and not grieve, and to know that Allah’s promise is true – but most people do not know.