[Qasas 28:60] And whatever you have been given, is a usage in the life of this world and its adornment; and that which is with Allah is better and more lasting; so do you not have sense?

Section 7

[Qasas 28:61] So is he whom We have given a good promise - he will therefore get it - equal to him whom We gave the usage of the life of this world to enjoy, and who will then be brought captive on the Day of Resurrection?

[Qasas 28:62] On the day when He will call to them – He will therefore proclaim, “Where are those partners of Mine, whom you had assumed?”

[Qasas 28:63] Those against whom the Word will have proved true will say, “Our Lord! These are they whom we led astray; we led them astray the way we ourselves went astray; we are unconcerned with them and we incline towards You - they never worshipped us!”

[Qasas 28:64] And it will be said to them, “Call unto your ascribed partners” – so they will call unto them and they will not listen to them, and they will behold the punishment; if only they had obtained guidance!

[Qasas 28:65] And the Day He will call them and proclaim, “What answer did you give to the Noble Messengers?”

[Qasas 28:66] So on that Day the tidings will be blinded * for them, therefore they will not ask one another. (* They will forget at that moment).

[Qasas 28:67] So whoever repented and accepted faith and did good deeds, so it is likely that he will be among the successful.

[Qasas 28:68] And your Lord creates whatever He wills, and chooses; they do not have any power to choose; Purity and Supremacy are to Allah above their ascribing partners (to Him).

[Qasas 28:69] And your Lord knows what is hidden in their breasts, and what they disclose.

[Qasas 28:70] And He is Allah - there is no God except Him; only His is the praise in this world and in the Hereafter; and only His is the command, and it is towards Him that you will be returned.