[Qasas 28:78] He said, “I got this only due to a knowledge I have”; and does he not know that before him Allah destroyed the generations who were stronger than him and more in number? And there is no questioning of the guilty regarding their sins.

[Qasas 28:79] He therefore came before his people in his pomp; said those who desired the worldly life, “If only we were to get what Qaroon has been given - he is indeed very fortunate.”

[Qasas 28:80] And said those who were given the knowledge, “Woe to you - the reward of Allah is better for one who accepts faith and does good deeds; and only those who are patient will receive it.”

[Qasas 28:81] We therefore buried him and his house into the earth; so he had no group to help save him from Allah; nor could he take revenge.

[Qasas 28:82] And those who had the day before desired his status, said in the morning, “It is strange - Allah expands the sustenance for whomever He wills among His bondmen, and restricts it; if Allah had not been gracious to us He would have buried us too; strangely, the disbelievers do not prosper.”

Section 9

[Qasas 28:83] This abode of the Hereafter - We make it for those who do not wish greatness in the land nor turmoil; and the Hereafter is only for the pious.

[Qasas 28:84] Whoever brings virtue, for him is better than it; and whoever brings evil – so those who commit evil will not be repaid except to the extent of their deeds.