[Qasas 28:85] Indeed He Who has ordained the Qur’an upon you, will surely bring you back to where you wish; proclaim, “My Lord well knows him who came with guidance, and him who is in open error.”

[Qasas 28:86] And you held no expectations of the Book being sent down upon you, except that it is a mercy from your Lord - therefore never support the disbelievers. (You did not crave for it but trusted in the mercy of your Lord).

[Qasas 28:87] And never may they prevent you from the verses of Allah after they have been sent down upon you, and call towards your Lord, and never be among those who ascribe partners (to Him).

[Qasas 28:88] And do not worship any other God along with Allah; there is no God except Him; all things are destructible except His Entity; only His is the command, and it is towards Him that you will be returned.