[Ankabut 29:24] So his people could not answer him except to say, “Kill him or burn him” – so Allah rescued him from the fire; indeed in this are signs for people who believe.

[Ankabut 29:25] And Ibrahim said, “You have chosen only idols instead of Allah, with whom your friendship is only in the life of this world; then on the Day of Resurrection you will deny and curse each other; and the destination for all of you is hell, and you do not have supporters.”

[Ankabut 29:26] So Lut believed in him; and Ibrahim said, “I migrate towards my Lord; indeed only He is the Almighty, the Wise.”

[Ankabut 29:27] And We bestowed Ishaq and Yaqub to him, and kept the Prophethood and the Book among his descendants, and We gave him his reward in the world; and in the Hereafter he is indeed among those who deserve Our proximity.

[Ankabut 29:28] And We rescued Lut when he said to his people, “You indeed commit the shameful; such that no one in the creation has ever done before you.”

[Ankabut 29:29] “What! You commit the immoral with males, and cut off the roads; and you speak evilly in your gatherings?” So his people had no answer except to say, “Bring the punishment of Allah upon us if you are truthful!”

[Ankabut 29:30] He submitted, “My Lord! Help me against these mischievous people.”