[Ankabut 29:53] And they urge you to hasten the punishment; and if a time had not been fixed, the punishment would have certainly come upon them; and it will indeed come upon them suddenly whilst they are unaware.

[Ankabut 29:54] They urge you to hasten the punishment; and indeed hell has encompassed the disbelievers.

[Ankabut 29:55] The day when the punishment will envelop them from above them and from below their feet, and He will say, “Taste the flavour of your deeds!”

[Ankabut 29:56] O My bondmen who believe! Indeed My earth is spacious – therefore worship Me alone.

[Ankabut 29:57] Every soul must taste death; then it is to Us that you will return.

[Ankabut 29:58] And those who believed and did good deeds – indeed We will, surely, place them on high positions in Paradise beneath which rivers flow, abiding in it for ever; what an excellent reward of the performers!

[Ankabut 29:59] Those who patiently endured and who rely only upon their Lord.

[Ankabut 29:60] And many creatures walk upon the earth that do not carry their own sustenance; Allah provides the sustenance to them and to you; and only He is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

[Ankabut 29:61] And if you ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth, and subjected the sun and the moon?”, they will surely say, “Allah”; so where are they reverting?

[Ankabut 29:62] Allah eases the sustenance for whomever He wills among His bondmen, and restricts it for whomever He wills; indeed Allah knows all things.

[Ankabut 29:63] And if you ask them, “Who sent down the water from the sky, and with it revived the earth after its death?”, they will surely say, “Allah”; proclaim, “All praise is to Allah”; in fact most of them do not have any sense.