Section 7

[Ankabut 29:64] And this worldly life is nothing but pastime and game; indeed the abode of the Hereafter - that is indeed the true life; if only they knew.

[Ankabut 29:65] And when they board the ships they pray to Allah, believing purely in Him; so when He delivers them safely to land, they immediately begin ascribing partners (to Him)!

[Ankabut 29:66] In order to be ungrateful for Our favours; and to use the comforts; therefore they will soon come to know.

[Ankabut 29:67] Did they not observe that We have created a refuge in the Sacred Land, and people around them are snatched away? So do they believe in falsehood and are ungrateful for the favours of Allah?

[Ankabut 29:68] And who is more unjust than one who fabricates lies against Allah, or denies the truth * when it comes to him? Is there not a place in hell for disbelievers? (* The Holy Prophet and / or the Holy Qur’an).

[Ankabut 29:69] And those who strove in Our way - We shall surely show them Our paths; and indeed Allah is with the virtuous.