[Ruum 30:51] And if We send a wind and they see their fields yellow because of it, then indeed they would become ungrateful after it.

[Ruum 30:52] For you do not make the dead hear nor make the deaf hear the call when they flee, turning back. (The disbelievers are referred to as dead and deaf.)

[Ruum 30:53] Nor do you guide the blind out of their error; you only make those hear who believe in Our signs, so they have submitted. (The disbelievers are referred to as blind.)

Section 6

[Ruum 30:54] It is Allah Who created you weak, then after weakness gave you strength, then after strength gave you weakness and old age; He creates whatever He wills; and only He is the All Knowing, the Able.

[Ruum 30:55] And when the Day of Resurrection is established, the guilty will swear that they did not stay except for an hour; this is how they keep straying.

[Ruum 30:56] And said those who received knowledge and faith, “You have indeed stayed in the decree of Allah until the Day of Restoration; so this is the Day of Restoration, but you did not know.”

[Ruum 30:57] So on that day the unjust will not benefit from their excuses, nor will anyone ask them for compensation.

[Ruum 30:58] And indeed We have illustrated all kinds of examples in this Qur’an for mankind; and indeed if you bring a sign to them, the disbelievers will say, “You are upon nothing but falsehood.”

[Ruum 30:59] This is how Allah sets seal upon the hearts of the ignorant.

[Ruum 30:60] Therefore patiently endure, indeed the promise of Allah is true; and may not those who do not have faith make you impatient.