[Luqman 31:29] O listener, did you not see that Allah brings the night in a part of the day and brings the day in a part of the night, and that He has subjected the sun and the moon - each one runs for its fixed term - and that Allah is Well Aware of your deeds?

[Luqman 31:30] This is because only Allah is the Truth, and all that they worship besides Him are falsehood, and because only Allah is the Supreme, the Great.

Section 4

[Luqman 31:31] Did you not see that the ship sails on the sea by Allah’s grace, so that He may show you some of His signs? Indeed in this are signs for every greatly enduring, grateful person.

[Luqman 31:32] And if a wave comes upon them like mountains, they pray to Allah believing purely in Him; then when He brings them safely to land, some of them remain upon justice; and none will deny Our signs except an extremely unfaithful, ungrateful person.

[Luqman 31:33] O mankind! Fear your Lord, and fear the Day in which no father will benefit his child; nor will any good child be of any benefit to the father; indeed Allah’s promise is true; so never may the worldly life deceive you; and never may the great cheat deceive you in respect of Allah’s commands.

[Luqman 31:34] Indeed Allah has the knowledge of the Last Day! And He sends down the rain; and He knows all what is in the mothers’ wombs; and no soul knows what it will earn tomorrow; and no soul knows the place where it will die; indeed Allah is the All Knowing, the Informer. (He may reveal the knowledge to whomever He wills.)