[Ahzab 33:16] Proclaim, “Fleeing will never benefit you if you flee from death or killing, and even then you will not be given the usage of this world except a little.”

[Ahzab 33:17] Say, “Who is he who can avert the command of Allah from you, if He wills harm for you or wills to have mercy upon you?” And other than Allah, they will not find any friend or supporter.

[Ahzab 33:18] Indeed Allah knows those among you who prevent others from the holy war, and those who say to their brothers, “Come towards us”; and they do not come to fight, except a few.

[Ahzab 33:19] They reduce the help towards you; so when a fearful time comes, you will observe them looking at you with eyes rolling like one enveloped by death; then when the time of fear is over, they begin slandering you with sharp tongues in their greed for the war booty; they have not accepted faith, therefore Allah has nullified their deeds; and this is easy for Allah.

[Ahzab 33:20] They assume that the armies of the disbelievers have not gone away; and were the armies to come again, their wish would be to go out to the villages seeking information about you; and were they to stay among you even then they would not fight, except a few.

Section 3

[Ahzab 33:21] Indeed following the Noble Messenger of Allah is better for you – for one who is confident of Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.

[Ahzab 33:22] And when the Muslims saw the armies, they said, “This is what Allah and His Noble Messenger promised us, and Allah and His Noble Messenger have spoken the truth”; and it did not increase anything for them but faith and acceptance of Allah’s will.