[Ahzab 33:51] Put back in the order whom you wish among them and give your proximity to whomever you wish; and if you incline towards one whom you had set aside, there is no sin upon you in it; this command is closer to their eyes remaining soothed and not grieving, and all of them remaining happy with whatever you give them; and Allah knows what is in the hearts of you all; and Allah is All Knowing, Most Forbearing.

[Ahzab 33:52] Other women are not permitted for you after these, nor that you change them for other wives even if their beauty pleases you except the bondwomen whom you possess; and Allah is the Guardian over all things.

Section 7

[Ahzab 33:53] O People who Believe! Do not enter the houses of the Prophet without permission, as when called for a meal but not to linger around waiting for it and if you are invited then certainly present yourself and when you have eaten, disperse not staying around delighting in conversation; indeed that was causing harassment to the Prophet, and he was having regard for you; and Allah does not shy in proclaiming the truth; and when you ask the wives of the Prophet for anything to use, ask for it from behind a curtain; this is purer for your hearts and for their hearts; and you have no right to trouble the Noble Messenger of Allah, nor ever marry any of his wives after him; indeed that is a very severe matter in the sight of Allah. (To honour the Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him is part of faith. To disrespect him is blasphemy.)

[Ahzab 33:54] Whether you disclose a thing or keep it hidden then indeed Allah knows all things.