[Ahzab 33:63] People ask you regarding the Last Day; proclaim, “Its knowledge is only with Allah; and what do you know, the Last Day may really be near!”

[Ahzab 33:64] Allah has indeed cursed the disbelievers, and has kept prepared for them a blazing fire.

[Ahzab 33:65] In which they will remain forever; in it they will find neither a protector nor any supporter.

[Ahzab 33:66] On the day when their faces will be overturned being roasted inside the fire, they will say, “Alas – if only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed His Noble Messenger!”

[Ahzab 33:67] And they will say, “Our Lord! We followed our chiefs and our elders – so they misled us from the path!”

[Ahzab 33:68] “Our Lord! Give them double the punishment of the fire and send upon them a mighty curse!”

Section 9

[Ahzab 33:69] O People who Believe! Do not be like the people who troubled Moosa – so Allah freed him from the allegations they had uttered; and Moosa is honourable in the sight of Allah.

[Ahzab 33:70] O People who Believe! Fear Allah, and speak rightly.

[Ahzab 33:71] He will rectify your deeds for you and forgive you your sins; and whoever obeys Allah and His Noble Messenger, has indeed achieved a great success.

[Ahzab 33:72] We indeed offered the trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, but they refused it and were afraid of it - and man accepted it; indeed he is one who puts himself into hardship, is extremely unwise.

[Ahzab 33:73] In order that Allah may punish the hypocrite men, and the hypocrite women, and the polytheist men, and the polytheist women – and accept the repentance of believing men and believing women; and Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.