[Saba 34:15] Indeed for (the tribe of) Saba was a sign in their dwelling-place - two gardens on the right and the left; “Eat the sustenance provided by your Lord and be grateful to Him”; a pure land and an Oft Forgiving Lord!

[Saba 34:16] In response they turned away - We therefore sent upon them a tremendous flood, and in exchange of their two gardens gave them two gardens bearing bitter fruit, and tamarisk, and some berries.

[Saba 34:17] We gave them this reward – the recompense of their ingratitude; and whom do We punish, except the ungrateful?

[Saba 34:18] And We had made several towns upon the road between them and the towns which We had blessed – and kept them according to the length of the journey; “Travel safely in them, by night and by day.”

[Saba 34:19] So they said, “Our Lord! Make the stage between our journeys longer” and they wronged themselves – We therefore turned them into fables and scattered them completely with adversity; indeed in this are signs for every greatly enduring, most grateful person.

[Saba 34:20] And indeed Iblis made his assumptions regarding them seem true, so they all followed him except the group of Muslims.

[Saba 34:21] And Satan had no control over them at all, except that We willed to reveal as to who believes in the Hereafter and who is in doubt of it; and your Lord is a Guardian over all things.

Section 3

[Saba 34:22] Proclaim, “Call those whom you assume (as Gods) besides Allah”; they do not own anything equal even to an atom either in the heavens or in the earth, nor do they have any share in them, nor is any one among them an aide to Allah.