[Saba 34:49] Proclaim, “The truth has come, and falsehood dare not commence nor return.”

[Saba 34:50] Proclaim, “If I stray, I stray only for my own harm; and if I attain guidance, it is because of what my Lord has sent down to me; indeed He is All Hearing, Close.”

[Saba 34:51] And if only you see, when they will be forced into a terror from which they will be unable to escape, and are seized from a place nearby. (Wherever they go, they are never far).

[Saba 34:52] And they will say, “We accept faith in it”; and how can they attain it from so far away? (After they have crossed the limit of life allotted to them.)

[Saba 34:53] For they had disbelieved in it before; and they hurl allegations without seeing, from far away.

[Saba 34:54] And a barrier is set between them and what they desire *, as was done for their earlier groups; indeed they are in a doubt that deceives. (To accept faith or return to earth)