[Fatir 35:4] And if they deny you, many Noble Messengers were denied before you; and towards Allah only is the return of all matters.

[Fatir 35:5] O people! Allah’s promise is indeed true; therefore do not ever let the worldly life deceive you; nor ever let the great cheat deceive you in respect of Allah’s commands.

[Fatir 35:6] Indeed Satan is your enemy, therefore you too take him as an enemy; he only calls his group so that they become the people of hell!

[Fatir 35:7] For the disbelievers is a severe punishment; and for those who accepted faith and did good deeds is forgiveness, and an immense reward.

Section 2

[Fatir 35:8] So will one whose misdeeds are made seeming good to him - so he deems them good - be ever equal to the one who is upon guidance? Therefore indeed Allah sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills; so may not your life be lost in despairing after them; Allah knows their deeds very well.

[Fatir 35:9] And it is Allah Who sent the winds - so they raise clouds and We then direct it towards a dead city – so with it We revive the earth after its death; and this is how the resurrection will be.

[Fatir 35:10] Whoever desires honour – therefore all honour belongs to Allah! * Towards Him only ascends the pure good speech, and He raises high the pious deed; and for those who conspire evil is a severe punishment; and their own conspiracy will be destroyed. (It is Allah Who bestows honour, to whomever He wills.)

[Fatir 35:11] And Allah created you from clay, then a drop of liquid, then made you as couples; and no female conceives or gives birth except with His knowledge; and every aged being that is given the age, and every one whose life is kept short – all this is in a Book; indeed this is easy for Allah.